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Decorative and educational, all plates are different even if the same species of seaweeds are used. A set of plates grouped together will make an exclusive and beautiful wall display. Perfect for interior, wall and bathroom decoration. Suitable for every related business with seaweeds: nautical, herborist, cosmetic centers, aquariums and marine museums.
The following models are samples. Please check actual availability in my shop
atlantic6854.jpg (106kb)
Ref. 6854
atlantic6902.jpg (101kb)
Ref. 6902
pacific6903.jpg (106kb)
Ref. 6903
red6901.jpg (106kb)
Ref. 6901
red6915.jpg (109kb)
Ref. 6915
red6927.jpg (108kb) Ref. 6927
Handmade with natural pressed seaweeds, fixed on ivory thin cardboard. Ready to be matted and/or framed.
Size: 21x29cm / 8,27x11 inches

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