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seaweed curiosities

Did you know   that when you eat yoghourts, ice-creams, milk shakes, instant desserts, custard tarts, jam or jelly you eat seaweeds?
Did you know   that when you brush your teeth, your tooth paste contains seaweed extracts?
Did you know   that Australia hosts the richest marine flora in the world with over 2000 different species?
Did you know   the international trade in seaweed is worth more than 11 billion dollars a year?
Did you know   that alginates are used in textile printing, in the paste containing the dye in order to maintain the color?
Did you know   that the CEVA needs more than 25kg of seaweeds to manufacture a marine textil fibre?        READ MORE
Did you know   that seawed extracts are used in the emulsion necessary for the photographic industry?
Did you know   that in 17th century, extracts from ashes of algae were used to manufacture glass, soaps and dyeings?
Did you know  about the seaweed legends?           READ MORE



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