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The way of introduction of invasive species has been diverse but the most frequent form has been the transport in the keels of the boats (fouling), the migration through the Suez and Panama Channels and the Strait of Gibraltar. The commerce of marine organisms (aquiculture and trade among aquariums) has caused the appearance of these species in very distant places of its countries of origin.

The import of japanese young oysters has caused the colonization of the lagoon of Thau (France) with the disembarkation of species like Laminaria japonica, Sargassum muticum and Undaria pinnatifida, this last one in fact under the name of Wakame is one of the most consumed seaweed in the world.

Bryopsis plumosa, Polysiphonia elongata, Codium fragile, Colpomenia peregrina, Acrothamnion preissii, Womersleyella setacea, Lophocladia lallemandii, Stypopodium schimperi, Sargassum muticum, Caulerpa racemosa, Asparagopsis armata
are some of the invaders of the Mediterranean Sea.




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