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Caulerpa taxifolia was introduced by accident in the Mediterranean Sea around 1984. This tropical seaweed is growing rapidly in the south of France from Menton to Toulon and can be found also in Italy, Croatia and Majorca in the balearic Islands. It is threatening on a large scale the natural balance of the Mediterranean.

Caulerpa taxifolia introductions are now a global problem with populations not only in the Mediterranean but also in other parts of the world like in Australia and California. The aquarium trade is partly responsible for spreading the entity. Although not toxic to people, Caulerpa taxifolia is called the "killer seaweed" because it is choking all in its path: seaweeds, anemones, starfish, crabs, shrimps, octopus and overall the Posidonia fields. Where it grows, everything disappears.

The invader is the most studied species in the world, over 400 publications.

Caulerpa taxifolia
Caulerpa taxifolia


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