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You can submit recipes to Alga-Net if related with algae and seaweeds by filling the form below.
Please don't just type in recipes from a cookbook or magazine word for word and send them to us - that is a violation of the copyright held by the publisher and could get us in trouble with them. (Note that copyright covers the exact text of a recipe, not the ingredients and method, so a recipe based on one in a cookbook is okay, as long as you have written the instructions yourself.) For more information on copyright law as it applies to recipes, see the U.S. Copyright Office information sheet on copyrighting recipes .
By submitting a recipe to us, you are acknowledging that it is not copyrighted or you have the permission of the copyright owner to send to us for redistribution

Complete the form below and press the 'Send' button when you are finished.

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Each suggested recipe will be reviewed for accuracy, content and violation of the copyright. Alga-Net reserves the right to accept or reject any recipe, if it does not countain any algae and/or seaweed element in its ingredients.
If your recipe is accepted it will be added in our web site with the name of author and an email notification will be sent to the contact email address you supplied above.


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