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Original seaweed pressing artworks

What are seaweeds?
Seaweeds are the oldest living organism on earth and are rather wrongly considered as "sea plants".
Botanical art and pressing seaweeds were very popular in Victorian days. People used the pressings for decoration in herbarium, books and wall decor. A set of plates grouped together will make an exclusive and beautiful wall hanging display.

Sugar Kelp Pressing Artwork

A bookmark is a good and functional wedding favor or promotional giveaways that can be appreciated by all.

What are seaweedsSeaweeds or marine algae are classified in 3 main groups:
Chlorophyta: Green seaweed
Phaeophyta: Brown seaweeds
Rhodophyta: Red seaweeds.
They can be found along the seashore to depth of 200 m. They produce 50% of our oxygen through photosynthesis.
 NORI, Porphyra umbilicalis

Algae are very much appreciated in cosmetic or diet purposes. Spa centers combineKELP USED FOR ALGINATE EXTRACT body wrap with thalassotherapy and offer sea-water and seaweed treatments for fatigue, stress, overweight, joint and back pain. We eat them as sea vegetables or use them as condiment in salad and soup. Some recipes are very traditional in the far east but seaweeds "nouvelle cuisine" is greatly in fashion.
Algae are used also in househol products, care products like soap or make up.
You can find seaweeds in fertilizer and medicines.


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